About Us

ASAP Identification Security, Inc., located in Indianapolis, Indiana, was founded by Tom in 1982. Tom had worked previously as the principal of a local high school, before deciding to enter the identification world. Tom’s initial focus was on providing customers with engraving, name stamp and name tag solutions. The business, however, expanded to include a wide range of photo identification solutions in subsequent years.

As the business grew, Tom wanted to add to the company’s management team in order to better serve its customers. Fortunately, Tom was able to strengthen the ASAP team by looking no further than his own family, when his daughter, Sheila, agreed to join the company. Sheila, although new to the identification business, brought a great new perspective thanks to her prior business world experience as a consultant working with multiple companies both domestically and abroad.

In 2006, Tom and Sheila decided to reorganize the business. Sheila purchased a majority ownership share in ASAP from Tom, and ASAP became a second-generation family, woman owned business that remained steadfast in supporting its customers.

Now, as the company approaches 30 years of being in operation, ASAP invites you to give us a call regarding your identification needs. ASAP prides itself on providing its customers in Indiana and the surrounding states with an identification partner willing to meet face-to-face in order to better understand your business and how we can meet your evolving needs; while also providing you with quality solutions, superior product support and exceptional customer service.

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