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Ribbon Calibration – DTC400

How to Calibrate a Ribbon Sensor for the Fargo DTC400 printers, the Persona C30 printers and the Fargo DTC300 series printers.

1. Go to the start button on the lower left corner of your computer screen.

2. Click on Printers and Faxes.

3. RIGHT click on your printer and select printing preferences.

4. At the top of the screen, select the tab that says CALIBRATE.

5. Click on the button half way down on the right that says sensors.

6. Follow the directions on the screen.

How to update your Fargo firmware

How to update your Fargo firmware:

Please update the DRIVER first then the FIRMWARE.  You will need to download the latest DRIVER, FIRMWARE and the FARGO WORKBENCH UTILITY by:

  • Go to  www.hidglobal.com/drivers
  • Select your BRAND (Fargo) & Printer and your files will appear.
  • Scroll to the bottom and download FARGO’S WORKBENCH UTILITY
  • Also download the latest Driver and Firmware to the Desktop for your operating system.

First install the latest Driver by double clicking on the download.

Then run the Workbench to install it on your Desktop.

Next open the Workbench Utility and select the printer.


Then click on the tools tab in the upper left corner and select “Upgrade Firmware”.


Browse for your Firmware file and select OK.

If you have a laminator, repeat the firmware updates for the laminator, too.

Fargo out of support DTC550 & C30e

As of December 31, 2014, Fargo’s Persona C30e and DTC550 is no longer be supported by Fargo.   While ASAP Identification does have some parts in stock to support these printers, we cannot get more parts from Fargo.  We will do our best to keep these printers going for you but it may be time to consider an upgrade.

If you’re still using a Fargo DTC550, C30, C30e, DTC400 or DTC400e, now is a great time to look at a newer model printer.

Please contact us to discuss what option is best for you at 317-488-1030 or info@asapident.com

3 Easy Steps for DTC4500e Ribbon Sensor Calibration

3 Easy Steps for DTC4500e Ribbon Sensor Calibration:

1. Press the right button and scroll with the left button to TOOLBOX.






2. Press the right button to select TOOLBOX and scroll with the left button to CALIBRATE RIBBON SENSOR






3. Press the right button to select CALIBRATE RIBBON SENSOR


HID Announces New C50 Printer

Fargo introduces the next generation of DTC ID card printers






HID Fargo has released several new printers:

  • C50 – new entry-level card printer. This is an affordable single sided printer which includes the Swift ID™ badging software to produce professional ID badges at an affordable price.
  • DTC1250e – enhanced DTC1000
  • DTC4250e – enhanced DTC4000
  • DTC4500e – enhanced DTC4500

For more information or to get a quote, please contact ASAP Identification Security today @ 317-488-1030 or info@asapdident.com.

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How to Clean a Fargo DTC4500 ID Printer

Follow the steps below to clean your DTC4500:

  • Go to your printers and faxes folder
  • Right click on the Fargo DTC4500
  • Click printing preferences
  • Click on the tool box tab


  • Click on the clean printer tab and follow the instructions


FARGO: Enabling Printer Communication with RFIDTagged Consumables

Fargo Tech Update

This guide describes the process for enabling a card printer/encoder to communicate with print ribbon and overlaminate consumables that have radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. The affected printers use consumables with tags that must be transitioned to an upgraded RFID technology. The procedure described in this publication supports the transition to the new RFID technology.

If you have one of the printer models below, please read this guide.

  • FARGO DTC300 and M30/M30e
  • Persona C30/C30e
  • FARGO DTC400/DTC400e
  • FARGO DTC550 and DTC550-LC
  • FARGO HDP5000 and HDP5000-LC
  • FARGO DTC4500-LC

If you need help upgrading your Fargo printer, please contact us at 317-488-1030 or info@asapident.com.

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HID Global Upgrade Requires Firmware Update beginning October 31, 2013

HID Global will be upgrading the RFID communication technology utilized by some print ribbon and overlaminate consumables used in FARGO Card Printer/Encoders beginning in October 2013. After HID implements the new technology, most in-field printers and laminators that were manufactured before mid-2010 will require a firmware update to ensure compatibility with the new consumables technology.

Affected printer models include:

  • FARGO DTC300 and M30/M30e
  • Persona C30/C30e
  • FARGO DTC400/DTC400e
  • FARGO DTC550 and DTC550-LC
  • FARGO HDP5000 and HDP5000-LC
  • FARGO DTC4500-LC

To make this transition as seamless as possible for you and your end-user customers, HID is taking the following actions:

Channel partners:

  • Technical support – HID will offer channel partners and end-users support during this transition. Please visit http://www.hidglobal.com/drivers for support.
  • End-user letter – Written by HID, this letter can be passed along to your customers to alert them to the changes.
  • FAQ – This document will help answer questions that you or your customers may have.
  • Early channel notification – HID will not begin the transition process until October 2013.
  • Workbench 3.0 Utility – Available at http://www.hidglobal.com/15325 for free, this utility will easily allow end users to update printer firmware and drivers.

End-user Customers:

  • After the transition occurs, HID will communicate the requirement to update firmware to end-user customers via a slip sheet that is added to the print ribbon and overlaminate consumables for the affected product lines.

Additionally, all affected printer model lines manufactured since mid-2010 have been shipped from HID Global with firmware that will support the new RFID communication technology. Therefore, many current printer users who purchase consumables with the new RFID communication technology will not need to update their firmware.

Users who are impacted by the change will receive an error message when trying to use new consumables in affected printers. These users will be required to update the printer and/or laminator firmware to add support for HID’s new RFID technology. HID will provide technical support for you and for your customers via our website. The support URL will be included in the packaging of all consumables using the new RFID technology after the transition has occurred.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, we can be reached at 317-488-1030 or info@asapident.com.

Fargo Tech Update 325

Click on the links below to see the Fargo Tech Update 325 Utilities.