ID Cards

What do employee IDs say about your company?

They send a message that you care about the security of your people, buildings and assets. It also ensures a uniform marketing message with your company logo and/or tag line. Ultimately, there is a positive return on investment that such a photo ID system provides your organization. Some other functions include:

  • Opening closing doors via a Prox or iClass tech card. HID also offers an HID on the Desktop to utilize your tech card + PIN to log into Windows.
  • Clocking in/out is another option using a bar code, mag stripe or access control system already installed in your building.
  • Visitor safety and security with visitor IDs, either personalized with name/photo or generic, depending on your needs and each visitor.
  • Marketing/messaging can also be supported by a uniform visual security tool that includes your company logo and/or tag line.

For more information on options and benefits, please call ASAP Identification Security at 317-488-1030 or email us.

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How and when to use adhesive-backed cards

First, why oh why use an adhesive-backed card?
The key advantage is saving money whiling adding visual security. You can use a less expensive “Clam Shell” Prox card which is too thick to fit in a printer but on which you can stick an ID printed on an adhesive backed-card. While this is a good option, there are issues that occur a bit more with these cards than with the PVC or Composite cards such as card jams, feeding multiple cards and overall lower print quality.

Now that you have made this decision, what’s next? Well, there are different types and brands. Things to consider:

Paper v Mylar
Paper Backed Cards are less expensive but because the rollers in a card printer are designed for PVC material, you may see more card jams as well as less crisp print quality.
Mylar Backed Cards are less problematic since the mylar material is less flexible than paper, thus leading to fewer card jams and better flow over the rollers.

CR-79 v CR-80
CR79 cards are slightly smaller than the Clam Shell and will fit nicely on the card without leaving sticky edges hanging over. Note: If you use these cards, be sure the card setting is set to CR79.

CR80 cards are the same size and can leave an overhang which collects lint and dust and looks less professional.

Otherwise, if using paper backed frequently, be sure to clean the printer more often to remove the paper “dust” left behind.

NOTE: DO NOT print on these cards with a Fargo HDP5000. Fargo will void the warranty.

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Spice up your ID with a QR Code

Quick Response, or QR, codes are 2-dimensional bar codes. They are reliable and have a large capacity for storing anything from organization data to access control to contract information (replacing your old business cards) all which can be read by an app on your SmartPhone or by a bar code reader.

You can add a QR code to your photo ID to support your business requirements. In order to do so effective, consider Jolly’s ID Flow card design software or ask ASAP to produce your IDs for you. We just need your raw data and we can produce specialized tags loaded with your data quickly and affordably.

Contact ASAP Identification at 317-488-1030 or to learn more.

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What is RFID and how can you protect your ID cards?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. The tag contains electronically stored information which can be read from up to several meters (yards) away. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not need to be within line of sight of the reader and may be embedded in the tracked object.

RFID can be found in various different objects, such as passports, ID cards, hospitals, and schools and universities. With RFID technology in some ID cards, private information can easily be stolen.


ASAP can help protect your id cards and even your credit cards with RFID Protection Sleeves. For more information on how to obtain these protection sleeves, please call (317-488-10320) or email Sheila Brown ( with questions.

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How to select the best ID card design software

When you look to invest in a new ID card system, the printer is just one critical component, but just as important to the efficiency of your ID system is your card design software.

Outside of a card design module in your access control system, there are, in general, 3 levels of off the shelf card design software available:

  • Entry level – This software supports simple designs and is good for a basic organization BUT it does have limitations, mainly in connectivity to outside databases and a cap on the number records stored (usually 200).
  • Mid-level – This level of software allows for connectivity to multiple outside data sources including MS Excel and MS Access.  This level generally has flexibility to grow with your organization.
  • Professional – The highest level of card software offers connectivity to the most data source types and the most flexibility to interface with existing enterprise systems.

Determining your needs both today and over time will help you make a smart choice and while  most systems can be upgraded, some require more steps than others.  Also, you will need to look at the system requirements v. your own system to make sure you are getting the most current program available.

Our recommendation is to download a free trial and see which software solution works best for you and compare the interface.  Once you find one you like, ASAP Identification can help set you up with your new software.  Call 317-488-1030 or email us with questions and we’ll get you started right away.

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How to select the right Visitor Management Solution for your Organization?

Regardless of the size or mission of your organization, knowing who is in your facility, why the visitor is on site and with whom they are meeting is good for both safety and business. Visitor management lets you know the who, what, where, why and when of the people in your building so you can keep everyone safe, secure and aware.

Like most other solutions, visitor management software solutions are available in different levels of capabilities to meet your organization’s needs and budget.

Visitor Management Solutions for Small-Size operations such as elementary schools, churches, local government or small businesses:

For small organizations, let ASAP produce reusable PVC visitor badges on lanyards or clips for your visitors to wear when in your building. This can include your logo or a color block to indicate whom they are visiting. If you need a solution to include sign-in and tracking, simple time-expiring tags with adhesive backs are an affordable option. Finally, a software-based visitor solution allows you to track more than just a name and allows you to print badges with name/company/date for the visitor to wear while on site.

Visitor ID Solutions for Mid-Size operations such as high schools, colleges and city government organizations:

For middle sized organization, reusable PVC badges can also be an affordable option but it may be necessary to capture more information. You can select a visitor management software package to capture visitor information ahead of their arrival, allow for email notification when the guest arrives as well as the printing of a custom ID badge for that visitor. This ID can include name, company, date and photo if needed. Their are several software solutions to provide this level of functionality.

Visitor ID Solutions for Large-Size operations or enterprises such as universities, state government and large businesses:

Large organizations often have more complex needs due to the size of campuses and, in the case of large businesses, the possibility of proprietary processes or manufacturing on site. For these instances, a more sophisticated visitor management solution allows you to prepare for visitors ahead of time, track visitor history, maintain evacuation reports and allow for custom badges.

Whatever the size or mission of your organization, let ASAP Identification Security help you determine your visitor management needs and set up your system to keep your people, processes and products safe and secure.

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Product ID cards with pizzazz!

ID cards can offer security to a business as well as help market your business and provide some differentiation by department, division or region. Graphics, photos, colors and fun designs can add fun and interest to your visual security.

Security is managed with the employee photo & name by allowing a visual match between the cardholder and the face/name on the ID. You can also add other visible security features including color bars or color backgrounds as well as covert security (i.e., fluorescent printing). These overt features can vary as needed to add more interest to your organization.

Badging accessories such as color-coded lanyards or badge holders with color borders can also add another layer.

Finally, use the ID for marketing by adding company logos and tag lines. Include your company motto or “elevator speech” to help create a unified “voice.”

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Asure ID 7 by HID

Take your card personalization to the next level with powerful, convenient and intuitive ID issuance software. HID Asure ID 7 allows organizations to design and print custom ID cards that meet the specific organizational requirements.

Asure ID 7 provides a dramatic speed boost as well as everything you need to design and populate a card. It is a simple solution that allows the user to glide from data entry to card design to printing and reporting.

If you need more information on Asure ID 7 or would like to order for your organization, please call (317-488-10320) or email ( with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Pre Printed ID Cards by ASAP Identification Security

If you need ID badges for your organization or event and you don’t want to manage the process, ASAP can help. ASAP Identification can design, print and deliver pre-printed ID badges, gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, hotel room key-cards or any other type of card you want printed on plastic. We can manage single card orders up to orders for thousands! No order is too big or too small.

It just takes a few steps and a few days to complete your order.

Step 1: Determine what function you want your card to perform. Do you need a technology card to open doors, complete cashless transactions or clock in/out? Will a simple bar code or mag stripe support your needs or is this card a simple visual photo ID?

Step 2: Let us work with you to design a layout. This can include company logos, employee photos, names and titles. You may also include color blocks to indicate access to restricted areas or to allow for temporary employees to be unescorted in the building.
Once we know your design needs, we will send you an electronic proof for your approval.

Step 3: You provide the data for the IDs and we print and ship. We can even provide fulfillment to end customers.

Let ASAP Identification Security help you manage your ID needs when it is for a small office, large event or major re-badging effort. ASAP can help so please call (317-488-1030) or email ( and let us help get your badging project off your to-do list!

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Improving School Security Through Student IDs

One way to keep students safe at school is for the administrators, teachers and fellow students to know if someone belongs in their school or not. Photo IDs play an important role in that security. More and more schools have adopted (or are going to adopt) procedures to issue student and staff IDs to all individuals in the school, as well as visitor IDs to anyone allowed in the building on a temporary basis. These IDs are to be worn at all times in the school building.

How do photo IDs help?
Photo IDs are a quick, effective and affordable visual identifier. If someone does not have the proper ID, that individual can be approached to ensure they do in fact belong. If they are lost, they can be redirected, if they don’t belong, they can be removed from school grounds.

Student IDs also provide a way to get to know student names so teachers, volunteers, administrators and fellow students can get to know the names of new students more easily.

Layers of Security
Using student ID cards is a simple, effective and affordable solution to helping add another layer of security to your school. If you need help, please feel free to call (317-488-1030) or email us. We can help find the right ID system for you, help design the card layout and support you in both the initial card issuance and on going ID production.

We look forward to working with you!

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