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Did you know Asure ID simplifies contactless smart card issuance?

Did you know Asure ID simplifies contactless smart card issuance?

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If you are like other organizations, you use contactless smart cards to grant employees access to your facilities. You may also be using a two-step process to issue these cards. This process typically involves the use of a desktop card printer to add an employee’s name and photo, then upon completion of printing requires you to remove the card from the printer’s output bin, flip over and manually type in the pre-printed/pre-programmed card ID number into the database.

This two-step process is used so frequently that many organizations have grown accustomed to synchronizing their cards this way, even though it adds time to the issuance process and increases the potential for keying errors.

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Asure ID updates

AsureID 7 Solo Upgrade

HID Global encourages all current owners of Asure ID to download and install the latest update (Asure ID version 7.7), which is available at no charge to current Asure ID 2009 and Asure ID 7 users.

This update can be easily applied from within the application by clicking Options > Resources > Check For Updates.


Jolly Tech Student Tracking System

If your school needs a better way to track students, please consider the Jolly Student Tracking System.

It is vital for a school to keep track of its students. The school needs to know not only attendance, whether the student is tardy, or on time. Jolly Technologies has created a practical solution to the age-old student-tracking issue.

Scan Station is a robust system, able to log and track the activity of students with ease. With a few simple clicks, Scan Station checks students in and out of school or class.. Scan Station also creates arrival time reports, letting teachers know if a student is having trouble making it to class on time.

With all of the various features of Scan Station, it’s obvious which student-tracking solution is the best choice. Try a free trial of Scan Station today and see how it works for your school.

Key Features
  • Track student attendance in classrooms and in the field
  • Scan students in the hallways and issue hall passes
  • Retrieve data from any existing student information system
  • Assign warnings and detentions and notify parents via e-mail
  • Generate and print attendance and detention reports

How to design your ID badge?

ID CardsIf you are just getting started with a badge program at your organization OR updating your program, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you design our ID badge to ensure it provides the right security, information and image for your organization.

Today’s card design software comes in many editions with varying levels of complexity but all IDs share some basic elements.

  • Orientation: VERTICAL is very common, especially if hanging on a lanyard but HORIZONTAL is great especially with long names/titles of those badged. You may also consider using VERTICAL for staff and HORIZONTAL for contractors or visitors. This provides a visual security cue for your organization.
  • Do you need to allow for a punch at the top to hang from a badge reel or lanyard? Will the card be placed inside a badge holder, thus not requiring a slot or hole punch? This will be important for your layout.
  • Do you need information on both the front and the back? Should both the front and back be the same (to account for IDs flipping around) or do you prefer to have static data on the back such as phone numbers and security information?

Once you have those basic questions answered, you can get to the design elements:

  • Do you want your logo with standard corporate/organization colors and fonts?
  • For specific badges, will you include a photo? If so, make sure you have photos of similar size and with similar lighting to make your cards look consistent.
  • Will you include employee name (first and/ last) or just initials? Are titles and departments needed? What about expiration dates or dates of hire? Also consider noting if employees are allowed be about your building unescorted? Color bars can help provide that information to others.

Whatever your ID, ASAP Identification Security can help. We not only sell card design software, but we can help you design or adjust your design, as well.

Just call (317-488-1030) or email ( and we will be more than happy to help.

Is your Asure ID 7 Solo photo box crashing?

Asure ID 7 Solo program fix for photo box crashes:

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 12.14.46 PM

CardPresso – Easy to use, easy to upgrade

cardpressoCardPresso ID software is a versatile and easy-to-use and easy to upgrade solution.

Easy to use: The cardPresso software can be installed on multiple PCs and you simply move the USB pen (1 pen per license) between those PCs to run the application. This allows multiple users to have access to the software, thus allowing workload to shift from one PC user to another. The PCs without the pen can run the software in DEMO mode but will need the pen to run fully.

Easy to upgrade: Entry level XXS is affordable (@ $75) and full of great features for a basic software. As the needs of your organization change, so do the offerings. There are 5 editions of cardPresso available and upgrades are managed easily and seamlessly through your software license key.

The cardPresso suite of software solutions ranges from simple to robust and can certainly meet the requirements of your organization.

Call (317-488-1030) or email ASAP Identification ( to learn more about the cardPresso solution.

ID Card Software updates

Looking for an updated reference manual or demo videos for your ID Card software?

We get a decent number of requests for manuals for the Asure, ID Flow, and Zebra Card Studio card design software applications. Visit our ID Card Software pages to find some online tools from the manufacturers.

QR Codes: the high-tech, low-cost Smart ID Card solution

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 1.24.46 PM copyConfirming someone’s identity before giving them access to facilities or work sites is crucial for your security. In the past, most organizations used passive photo ID cards to prove identity. Now a days, Smart ID Cards are being used within organizations to improve security and reduce the risk of fraud. These new systems can be expensive and cumbersome to maintain.

Enter the Quick Response Code. This QR code is a 2 dimensional black and white barcode that provides a high-tech but low-cost method of meeting security requirements. They are quite popular due to the fast readability and data storage capacity as compared to standard UPC barcodes. They are not only used for store displays and websites but are also printed on business cards and IDs.

These little codes store promotions, Internet links as well as personal contact information and numbers to be used for everything from promotional and branding efforts to more traditional ID security on photo IDs. Both Jolly ID Flow and Evolis eMedia have the ability to support QR codes. Use these codes for time and attendance, contact information and marketing material.

To learn more, call on ASAP Identification Security, Inc. 317-488-1030 or

Jolly Technical Support Plans

Protect your investment by purchasing a Technical Support Plan for your eligible software product¹. To purchase a Technical Support Plan, contact a Jolly customer service representative or the vendor where you purchased your software.

pdficon_large Download Service Level Agreement

Gold Coverage Plan Highlights²

  • Receive telephone and e-mail support with free remote assistance using online meeting software such as GoToMeeting, where applicable
  • Receive support for basic, advanced and expert level service requests
  • Service requests receive the highest level of priority and will be responded to within one (1) business day following the day of the request
  • User can request manual reactivation of software license in case of complete system failure³

$500 per Premier License
$250 per Standard License
$125 per Light Client License

Silver Coverage Plan Highlights

  • Receive telephone and e-mail support with free remote assistance using online meeting software such as GoToMeeting, where applicable
  • Receive support for basic and advanced level service requests
  • Service requests receive a higher level of priority than Bronze service requests and will be responded to within two (2) business days following the day of the request
  • User can request manual reactivation of software license in case of complete system failure³

$400 per Premier License
$200 per Standard License
$100 per Light Client License

Bronze Coverage Plan Highlights

  • Receive e-mail support¹
  • Receive support for basic level service requests
  • Service requests will be responded to within five (5) business days following the day of the request

Cost: Free

ID Flow – Hidden Files

When you are in ID Card Issue Center and open the ID Card Designer to modify your template, the templates get saved in


You can also find this by selecting import/export when in Properties under the “Badge Printing” tab.