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School buying season is here!

This year, consider some new badging options!
Student and staff ID badges are often required at schools of all sizes. Meet the identification needs of your school customers who will be looking for quality ID badges, smart cards and wearable technology.

Choose from:
PVC & Magnetic Stripe Cards: For simple identification, PVC ID cards feature plenty of room for photos, text and barcodes. The addition of a magnetic stripe allows for processing payments, making them perfect for use in cafeterias, book stores and more.
Access Cards & Key Fobs: Smart and proximity cards are ideal for limiting access to teachers’ lounges, supply closets and other restricted areas. HID PROX Key Fobs performs the same functions as a standard proximity card, meaning it can serve as a convenient, affordable replacement for proximity cards. Available in several bit formats.
Uband™ Wristbands: A hands-free alternative to proximity cards or keyfobs. Ideal for for cashless transactions. Available with Proximity (125Khz) or Smart (13.5MHz MiFare) technologies.

3 Easy Steps for DTC4500e Ribbon Sensor Calibration

3 Easy Steps for DTC4500e Ribbon Sensor Calibration:

1. Press the right button and scroll with the left button to TOOLBOX.






2. Press the right button to select TOOLBOX and scroll with the left button to CALIBRATE RIBBON SENSOR






3. Press the right button to select CALIBRATE RIBBON SENSOR


What is the difference: Full-Panel v. Half-Panel color ribbon?

For most companies, color badges are a requirement. Some use full color fronts only and others use full color fronts and backs. These ribbons can get pricey, though, so is there any way to save on your print costs? The answer may be YES.

YMCKO (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Overlay) ribbons are standard color ribbons where the YMC panels print in full color, the Black (K) panel prints in real black (required for bar codes) and the O is a clear overlay to ensure the colors don’t bleed off the card.

Half-panel color ribbons are different, however. For the half-panel ribbons, the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan panels are half the size of the regular panels but the K (Black) and O (Overlay) are full size panels. This allows for cards that only require color on up to half the card (with black available for any part of the card) to use half-panel ribbons.

YMCKO Full Panel and Standard Panels

So, will a half-panel color ribbon work for you? If your card design is set up so that the full color items (i.e., company logo, photo) are on half of the card and that the rest of the card is blank or black, you can use these ribbons. If you need to print more than half of your card in color, these ribbons are NOT an option.