Fargo Printers

Fargo Ribbon Compatibility

Fargo Ribbon Compatibility for the following printers:
– C30 & C30e
– DTC400 & DTC400e
– DTC400, DTC400e & DTC4000

Fargo DTC series printers, including C30 & C30e share ribbons, as do the DTC400 & DTC400e.

With the new series printers, the Fargo DTC1000 and Fargo DTC4000 printers, the plan was to have printer ribbons that, with a firmware upgrade, would be backward compatible with the Persona C30 (DTC1000) and Fargo DTC400 (DTC4000) card printers.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, that compatibility with the new DTC series ribbons and older printers is not working as designed. If/when this is corrected, a simple firmware upgrade should enable this sharing of supplies. Stay tuned for more help with Fargo printers, software, and ribbon compatibility.

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