RFID Printers

Zebra RFID printers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets. From the first link in your supply chain to the last, our RFID printers have the flexibility to meet different business needs, including new applications. Choose from a range of RFID printers, from mobile to high-output solutions, performance-matched to Zebra labels and tags.


Evolis Primacy DRIVER/FIRMWARE updates

To keep your printer running smoothly, ensure the driver and firmware are current.

Download the latest driver and firmware to your desktop (DOWNLOAD)

Driver update:

Install the card printer to the latest driver (requires ADMIN rights)

  1. Find and run the driver you downloaded
  2. Follow the PROMPTS
  3. Once setup finished click the Finish button

Firmware update:

Updating the card printer to the latest firmware

  2. Double click your printer
  3. Expand the Maintenance menu
  4. Click Firmware update
  5. Click Launch the update wizard
  6. Follow the steps all the way until finished




Evolis Primacy Updates

The best printer just got better

With more than 50 000 units sold and more than 500 million cards printed in 3 years, Primacy quickly became the benchmark for printing quality and modularity. Today, Evolis goes further and introduces new features which make the Primacy even more powerful and more flexible, to further enhance customer experience and provide extra security.


Available in July, 2015:

Specific model with an open output hopper for unattended counter operations such as event or loyalty management.

Low-card sensor to let you know when your feeder is almost empty.

A UHF encoding option ideal for long-range access control, transportation or vehicle identification applications.

Extended memory size & printing resolutions for a sharper definition of images and texts.

New update verification wizard to allow the user to quickly verify if a driver of firmware update is available and to install it in a few clicks.

Brand-new SDK, available free of charge, to facilitate and speed up the integration of the Primacy into IT systems, allowing remote supervision of the printer.

More to come in Q4 2015:

Optional LCD display to allow the user to interact directly with the printer, without having to be in front of the computer.

Increased monochrome printing speed to maximize throughput.

New electronic locking system to increase the level of security of the printer.

Understanding smart cards

Understanding smart cards – Smart cards undoubtedly provide numerous benefits over traditional mag strip and prox cards. But getting understanding the benefits can be a challenge. Allegion has a ready-to-go presentation to help your customers understand the technology and to answer their questions and concerns about smart cards. Learn More

ASAP welcomes new card partner – 3millID


ASAP Identification welcomes a new card partner.  3millID is an access control credential and RFID reader manufacturer with offices in the United States and United Kingdom. The company’s mission is to supply the highest quality credentials, most architecturally attractive readers, the shortest product lead times, and the best customer satisfaction.

Lanyards & Badge Reels

Show your corporate/school spirit!

custom-lanyard2Lanyards and badge reels can be more than just a way to carry your credentials.  Consider customizing lanyards or badge reels with your name, logo, tagline or other promotional text! A great way to promote a brand, sponsors or products day to day or at special events.


Ribbon Calibration – DTC400

How to Calibrate a Ribbon Sensor for the Fargo DTC400 printers, the Persona C30 printers and the Fargo DTC300 series printers.

1. Go to the start button on the lower left corner of your computer screen.

2. Click on Printers and Faxes.

3. RIGHT click on your printer and select printing preferences.

4. At the top of the screen, select the tab that says CALIBRATE.

5. Click on the button half way down on the right that says sensors.

6. Follow the directions on the screen.

How to update your Fargo firmware

How to update your Fargo firmware:

Please update the DRIVER first then the FIRMWARE.  You will need to download the latest DRIVER, FIRMWARE and the FARGO WORKBENCH UTILITY by:

  • Go to
  • Select your BRAND (Fargo) & Printer and your files will appear.
  • Scroll to the bottom and download FARGO’S WORKBENCH UTILITY
  • Also download the latest Driver and Firmware to the Desktop for your operating system.

First install the latest Driver by double clicking on the download.

Then run the Workbench to install it on your Desktop.

Next open the Workbench Utility and select the printer.


Then click on the tools tab in the upper left corner and select “Upgrade Firmware”.


Browse for your Firmware file and select OK.

If you have a laminator, repeat the firmware updates for the laminator, too.

Display your card while protecting your identity

Blog 4-17v2

Download brochure – Card-Shielded Holder




Zebra® Announces Linux® Driver

Zebra® Announces Linux® Driver Specifications for ZXP Series 3™ and ZXP Series 1™ Card Printers

Many Zebra customers are enterprises and government agencies that use the Linux operating system as their standard IT infrastructure. To meet this need, Zebra has created a new driver solution that enables customers to enjoy high-quality card printing within a Linux software environment. This out-of-the-box, user-friendly Linux driver solution provides the benefits of a Windows®-like driver environment for customers that use either the Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.