Lobby Track

Many clients ask for ways to manage the visitors they receive daily at their businesses, schools or events. We offer a variety of solutions. One great way to manage those visitors, is by using a visitor management software. One of our partners, Jolly Technologies, offers a management software program, we highly recommend.

The management software program, Lobby Track, can track and register: (1) visitors; (2) event attendees; (3) students; (4) members; and (5) employees and contractors. This registration can be completed on-site, online via your company’s intranet or at a self-registration kiosk.

In connection with the registration process, Lobby Track can complete a number of other functions, including: (1) scan driver’s license or passport to auto-fill registration forms; (2) capture a photo of the registrant as well as any necessary biometrics; (3) check the registrant against local and online watch lists; and (4) require that the registrant sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Once your visitors or attendees have been registered, Lobby Track allows you to design and issue identification cards, badges and passes using the software’s integrated badge designer. Lobby Track includes several pre-designed templates that make it easy to issue expiring badges or plastic ID cards.

Watch the Intro to Visitor Management Video.

For additional information on Lobby Track, please click on the link here.

Pricing for Lobby Track varies according to the version that most meets your needs.

  • Lobby Track Standard Edition
  • Lobby Track Premier Edition
  • Scan Station*
  • Report Station*
  • Free Trial Download

* Must be used with one of the other networkable Editions for configuration.