tempbadge-imgTEMPBadge Entry Level Visitor
Management Software System
Quick, easy-to-use software for managing your visitor care

Rapid visitor processing in just 5 quick seconds!

  • Ensures a quick and painless sign-in process for visitors
  • If implementing a visitor management system for the first time, the efficiency of the sign-in process puts to rest the theory that managing and badging visitors creates long lines and bottle necks

Easy-to-navigate interface that requires little to no training

  • There is a small learning curve as the software is convenient for first-time users and office personnel, too

Customization options for pass types, departments and more

  • Allows the system to be customized based on the needs of your facility

Reports available based on date, destination, or pass type

  • Can be used as a tool to investigate incidents that occur within the facility
  • In the event of an emergency or evacuation, the reports give a detailed account of the number of visitors in the facility and their intended destinations, departments and more

TEMPbadge VMS Brochure