Most businesses, organizations, schools use plastic ID cards in some form.  These are for visual security, access control, membership access, hotel room keys, gift and loyalty cards, promotional purposes, and even gaming and casino cards. Don’t forget all of the credit cards, ATM cards, and other forms of payment cards.

These PVC cards are around for years beyond their useful lives and do not break down in landfills.

So, What You Can Do?

There are some small ways to reduce your carbon footprint while still maintaining the standards you require to provide professional and functional ID cards:

  • Paper cards.Paper is a natural and renewable material and comes from forests managed in a sustainable way. Our cards are certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).  Paper cards also meet the compostability standard EN 14995. Paper is biodegradable in the wild within a few months and its recycling stream is well developed.
  • Refillable ribbons.If you’re looking for a cost-effective and “greener” way to get the most out of your ID card printer ribbons, consider the benefits of color ribbon refills and refillable cartridges.  Color ribbon refills are the budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious choice. And because the reusable cartridge can be used for unlimited ribbon replacement, you’ll also be saving money each time you use the cartridge.  So, instead of throwing away the plastic cartridge when all of the ribbon has been used, all you need to do is add a replacement color ribbon refill, and you’re ready to print!
  • Recycled lanyards. Recycled PET lanyards are a great way to show customers that you are committed to environmental sustainability while promoting your company on a durable, high quality product.
  • Phthalate-free supplies. Phthalate is a serious pollutant, and when found in the environment, can have a detrimental impact on humans’ and animals’ health and reproduction. Instead chose to minimize your footprint and feel good about getting attached to Earth-friendly strap clips and badge holders made from phthalates-free PVC material, which means they don’t contain environmental pollutants or contaminates.
  • Eco-friendly printers. There are several manufacturers that produce Energy Star Certified ID card printers to help save on the resources needed to produce your company’s ID cards. For example, Zebra, Evolis, and Fargo have several models that are all Energy Star Certified, meaning they use less electricity to operate, which saves you money and protects the environment.