Continued growth and expansion of Mercyhurst College signaled the need for a new approach to campus security. The school had constructed “smart” buildings that include fully integrated HVAC, a magstripe Debitek cafeteria system, interactive podiums with presentation systems, wireless and other technology advances. However, neither campus had a student access

control system other than a traditional door locks and keys. Students and faculty had various cards (photo ID, library, cafeteria and copy services) and a new access card would have been the fifth card they carried. Therefore, a more sophisticated access control system was strongly desired for the
campuses. Mercyhurst was looking for a single-card solution that integrated all of their existing card functions with added physical access control. The school also wanted to implement keyless access control, including freshman dorms secured for after hours access and school breaks.


Source: HID Corporation, Mercyhurst College Customer Case Study