Evolis launches its most complete range of printers for instant self service printing of customized cards

Angers (France), November 12th, 2015 – Evolis, the worldwide leader in personalization and printing solutions for plastic cards, is extending its range of printers designed especially for self-service card printing, with the launch of 4 new models.

These customization systems are ideal for integration into a terminal, either kiosk or as automated devices. With new features, they are particularly compact and robust, while offering greater flexibility and autonomy for instant card printing. Evolis can now offer the widest range of self-service card printing options on the market.

Self-service card printing

Instant card printing from free-standing terminals allows companies, banks, shops and even universities to improve the quality of service offered to their customers or students with immediate card printing and reduced waiting times. These printers are particularly suitable for issuing payment cards, membership cards, student cards, loyalty cards, ID badges or even gift cards.
The new Evolis range aims to meet all requirements for the self-service personalization of single plastic cards with solutions customized to meet client specifications. Evolis card printing modules have a range of encoding options (magnetic stripe, smartcard and contactless smartcard), which can be combined; from a simple print to complex graphic customization of secure cards.

A complete range for multiple requirements

The range includes 4 printers (KC200, KC200B, KM500B, and KM2000B) divided into 2 different print modules. The choice of module is determined by the way it will be used. The criteria to be taken into account are:

  • The space available at the kiosk terminal to determine the size of printer to be used,
  • The quantity of cards to be printed and the number of different designs of pre-printed cards,
  • The maintenance cycle in order to select sufficient capacity for feeders and consumables.

All 4 models are designed to adapt to all kinds of kiosks. They offer many advantages, such as double-sided and edge-to-edge printing, a wide range of encoding options, the capacity to reject faulty cards, and to recycle cards not collected by their users.

All of these modules include Evolis Premium Suite® to facilitate the management of printer parameters, as well as the new Evolis Premium SDK (Software Development Kit) to optimize the integration of the printer into IT systems.

The KC200 and KC200B were designed for easy integration into free-standing terminals. Each one has a 200-card feeder. Manual insertion is also available for the KC200B module, which is fitted with a bezel. The KM500B and KM2000B printers are distinguished by their high feeder capacity, with 500 and 2,000 cards respectively. Their use, therefore, means limited maintenance of the terminal and avoids frequent reloading of cards and ribbons.

Franck Gauthier – T: +33 (0)2 41 36 79 24 – fgauthier@evolis.com