You have your printer, it has been installed and you are now ready to start badging. But you know what, you have a few questions. Maybe you just need a little training before getting started or perhaps you need advice on the best way to design your ID badges, or maybe you have a lot of questions! Not a problem, ASAP can help. We offer a full range of consultation services to our customers. At the end of the day, we want to do everything we can to help you make great looking badges. Our consultation services are listed below:
  • Training your staff on how to operate the printer effectively;
  • Card design services;
  • Linking your Card Design Software to existing data, such as database and spreadsheet information;
  • Establishing an optimal process of mass badging, such as for student ID processing;
  • Onsite support for card production;
  • Recommended photography accessories;
  • Rental ID printers, if that is something you need; and
  • On-site training for your in-house staff.