HID Global will be upgrading the RFID communication technology utilized by some print ribbon and overlaminate consumables used in FARGO Card Printer/Encoders beginning in October 2013. After HID implements the new technology, most in-field printers and laminators that were manufactured before mid-2010 will require a firmware update to ensure compatibility with the new consumables technology.

Affected printer models include:

  • FARGO DTC300 and M30/M30e
  • Persona C30/C30e
  • FARGO DTC400/DTC400e
  • FARGO DTC550 and DTC550-LC
  • FARGO HDP5000 and HDP5000-LC
  • FARGO DTC4500-LC

To make this transition as seamless as possible for you and your end-user customers, HID is taking the following actions:

Channel partners:

  • Technical support – HID will offer channel partners and end-users support during this transition. Please visit http://www.hidglobal.com/drivers for support.
  • End-user letter – Written by HID, this letter can be passed along to your customers to alert them to the changes.
  • FAQ – This document will help answer questions that you or your customers may have.
  • Early channel notification – HID will not begin the transition process until October 2013.
  • Workbench 3.0 Utility – Available at http://www.hidglobal.com/15325 for free, this utility will easily allow end users to update printer firmware and drivers.

End-user Customers:

  • After the transition occurs, HID will communicate the requirement to update firmware to end-user customers via a slip sheet that is added to the print ribbon and overlaminate consumables for the affected product lines.

Additionally, all affected printer model lines manufactured since mid-2010 have been shipped from HID Global with firmware that will support the new RFID communication technology. Therefore, many current printer users who purchase consumables with the new RFID communication technology will not need to update their firmware.

Users who are impacted by the change will receive an error message when trying to use new consumables in affected printers. These users will be required to update the printer and/or laminator firmware to add support for HID’s new RFID technology. HID will provide technical support for you and for your customers via our website. The support URL will be included in the packaging of all consumables using the new RFID technology after the transition has occurred.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, we can be reached at 317-488-1030 or info@asapident.com.