If you are experiencing a problem with your installation of Jolly software, review the following solutions to see if they may resolve your issue.

License Key / Registration
If you are prompted to enter your license key every time you start Jolly software, your logon user account most likely does not have sufficient privileges. Try the following: Log in as Administrator, run the Jolly software again, then enter the license key. You should no longer be prompted for the key, regardless of what user you log in as.

Transferring software to new PC
In order to move your license from 1 PC to another, back up your templates and data. Then uninstall ID Flow from Jolly/Help/Activation and follow the prompts.

DO NOT UNINSTALL via Windows/Uninstall Program. You need to use ID Flow in order to get the required Hardware ID & Deactivation Code.

Once uninstalled, you can reinstall by right clicking on the file and running as administrator.