Matica introduces world’s first desktop embossing technology with retransfer printing

  • Groundbreaking desktop retransfer card printer with embosser: the S3800, will be ready for orders early 2017.
  • Also revealed for finance sector: the S3300, a desktop embosser, available in first half of 2017.
  • Both product previews for debit and credit EMV card issuance prompted significant registered interest.MUNICH, Germany, 20 December, 2016 – Matica Technologies AG, has accelerated the dates for the completion of its latest product introductions for the instant card issuance market after a significant number of companies attending Trustech 2016 registered their interest in the two solutions. Both the S3300 and S3800 product previews were unveiled at the largest global event for trust-based technologies in December.

    Interest on the Matica stand from business partners and system integrators produced regular demonstrations of the first-ever combined desktop retransfer printer with embosser (S3800) designed for back office and/or service bureaus and a brand new desktop embosser (S3300) for back office and/or service bureaus and Financial Instant Issuance (FII).

    The unprecedented innovations behind the S3800 truly raise the bar for Matica’s broad portfolio. Arguably the most innovative solution of its type on the market, the ground breaking S3800 deploys Matica´s world class XID retransfer card printer with parallel printing and encoding (mag / chip) and embossing (rear, front indenting and tipping), derived from proprietary technology used in Matica’s high-volume financial systems.

    The S3800 is the only solution available for blank, financial card printing with retransfer technology capable to print 600dpi or 300dpi combined with embossing personalization. It offers enhanced security through electronic locks and key locks for secure reject tray access. Connectivity through TCP/IP single-wire and an on-board PC.

    The S3300, a standalone embosser with feeder and encoding module (FEM), is set to replace previous Z3e and S3000e embossing solutions. A pure embosser for pre-printed cards Matica´s S3300 will produce EMV-ready credit and debit cards but will also lend a sturdy hand to loyalty, VIP and ID cards. Modular options allow the solution to grow with business needs: it can easily add a second embosser or tipper and up to three additional feeder-encoders in future versions. It comes with USB and IP-connectivity.

    “As I’m sure our clients, business partners and system integrators would agree, Matica believes in investing in intelligently engineered technology, which continue to enhance our broad portfolio of secure ID card applications,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies Group.

    “The S3300 and S3800 are particularly notable innovations because there is nothing on the market quite like them – they enhance the power of card embossing technology to our desktop solutions, which is a genuine feat of research and design. Judging from the response at Trustech, the market is engaged too,” he added.

    “We were delighted, and excited, to receive such an incredible amount of registered interest for our new product introductions when we put them into active demonstration at Trustech 2016 in Cannes at the French Riviera earlier this month. As well as agreeing to loan a handful of the preliminary versions to external partners, it has prompted Matica Technologies to accelerate the completion of our new S3300 and S3800 line. This means they will be ready to fulfill orders in the first half of 2017,” said Eric Bouvard, VP Product Marketing, Matica Technologies.