Matica launches new retransfer printer for event sector’s oversized cards

  • Matica’s new XL8300 prints oversized event cards in superior retransfer quality.
  • Newly developed XL8300 is an exclusive Matica offering.
  • Widest printable area with oversized card format.

MUNICH,  7 April, 2016 – Matica Technologies AG (A0JELZ), a worldwide leading vendor for financial and secure ID card issuance systems announces the launch of the XL8300, an innovative retransfer printer, which specializes in exceptionally high quality card applications for oversized cards for the events industry.

Based on the successful XID retransfer Series 8, the XL8300 will complement Matica’s comprehensive portfolio by offering the ever-growing events sector a portable solution that issues non-standard, wide format cards with high calibre printing.

Wide format cards and badges are deployed for visitors, staff or VIPs by event management and conferencing companies organizing conventions, trade shows and sports events, such as the Olympics, Formula One, golf, football, tennis and all other competitions. ´

“The oversized card format market is a growing sector so it was a logical step to make our entrance by maximizing Matica´s well-known and trusted technology. The market reaction to our improved products, which sit within a broad and competitive portfolio, shows that we are on track to achieve sustainable profitability,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies AG.

Demand for wide format ID cards may also include sites of specialized security where increased card personalization is required. Matica´s XL8300 has an option to encode contactless cards. Similarly, corporate environments may need them where access control requires immediate personal identification. As an additional security feature, the XL8300 can print logo, text and images with UV ink.


What makes the XL8300 stand out from the crowd in the events industry?

Superior print quality for wide format visitor cards

High resolution retransfer print technology, with biggest individually printable areas.

Improved flexibility and options

The XL8300 is not restricted to one material and prints on a wide range of card material such as ABS, PET and PVC. Increased card personalization is possible owing to its option to encode contactless cards for electronic access control, and UV printing to increase the level of security. The personalization can be done in full color and monochrome carbon black.

Recognizable reliability

The successful XID retransfer Series 8 constitutes the core function behind Matica’s new XL8300 reassuring users about its high printing competences for which it is known.

“We have a comprehensive portfolio of card issuance solutions but we recognized that there was a gap in the events market, so our engineers and designers have worked hard to add a new member to our XID Series 8 family, which creates an advanced alternative for anyone working with wide format cards,” said Harald Zinn, Director, Product Marketing for Secure ID, Matica Technologies AG.


XL8300 is available now through Matica´s partner network.

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