ICYMI: RFID technology yields much more than just straight automated identification. It’s also a versatile technology platform for a variety of different sensing needs, like cold chain monitoring.

What Does It Do

As a compact smart sensor for the Internet of Things (IoT), Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker empowers businesses by providing a low-cost, self-adhesive temperature monitoring solution for virtually anything. The data can be read locally by your mobile device or uploaded to the cloud for analytics and remediation.

How Does It Work

The tracker contains a precise temperature sensor, digital storage, flexible battery, and near field communication (NFC) tech. It communicates with local devices using a mobile device or industrial equipment app. The current temperature status and complete logged history can be reviewed locally or uploaded to the cloud.

Who Needs It

  • Supply chain industry (i.e., traceability and cold chain monitoring for perishable foods, flowers, and more)
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical (i.e., equipment and medications)
  • Government applications
  • Smart packaging

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