One of the most common calls we receive is about ID printer ribbons breaking and what do to next. The answer depends on how and how often the ribbon breaks.

In general, the answer is pretty simple: You just tape the ribbon back together, advance the ribbon forward, and resume card printing.

If, however, the ribbon breaks frequently or all the time, there maybe other issues that need attention:

  1. Ensure your driver and firmware is current. This can be found at
  2. Clean the printer including rollers. If the card is slipping or not aligned correctly, the printhead could be breaking the ribbon in the print process.
  3. Calibrate your ribbon sensors by viewing Printing Preferences, removing the ribbon and clicking on “CALIBRATE RIBBON”.
  4. Check your printer settings by viewing Printing Preferences. For example, dye sub values too high can cause ribbon to overheat and break. You can select “DEFAULT” and see if that improves the printing process and then, slowly, increase dye sub intensity.

If you take these steps and continue to have a ribbon break, please give us a call and set up a time for printer service. We can be reached at 317-488-1030 or