HID Elite Key Program

Common Questions about the program

Q: What is the HID Elite Program?

  • The HID Elite Program allows HID Global® to provide end-user customers with a unique authentication key to increase
    their existing security. The custom authentication key protects the card number within the access control application of
    the card. Only matching cards and readers will work together, prohibiting cards and readers from foreign populations to
    enter and function within the company’s Elite secured population. The HID Elite Program can use any format, including
    the HID Corporate 1000™ format.

Q: What are the benefits of the HID Elite Program?

  • A custom authentication key is uniquely assigned to the end-user customer.
  • Ability to support multiple formats, including HID Corporate 1000. In an Elite system, a system-specific algorithm is
    used by the reader to compute the key inside the credential prior to initiating the mutual authentication.
  • An Elite reader will only successfully authenticate credentials that are part of its own system so the only time the Elite
    reader sends data to the upstream system, such as an access control panel, is when it is from a credential of its own
  • The end-user has the flexibility to choose the vendor(s) that they wish to purchase credentials from at any time. The
    end-user may choose to have one supply source or many.

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HID Elite Key Program Frequently Asked Questions