You buy your Photo ID printer to create a layer of visual security for your organization, but what else can your ID printer do for you? It can help sell your identity and gain customer loyalty.

Gift Cards
Create gift cards with fixed face values easily using your ID printer. Just determine what values you want to sell, design an exciting layout and print.

Reward/Loyalty Cards
Use your POS system and a mag stripe card to encourage customer loyalty with a reward card. A reward card is durable and reusable and, if your system supports it, can store customer information.

Booster/Fundraising Cards
Work with local businesses and not-for-profits and you can create booster cards to support a good cause. Interested businesses can offer a certain discount to patrons and have that information printed on the card. Patrons purchase the card (money going to the not-for-profit) and support local business in the process. This is a great opportunity for small businesses to increase traffic and support a worthy cause.

Business Cards
Print unique and durable business cards using 20-mil PVC on your ID printer. You cards can be customized to meet your needs and may include as much information as you need as well as logos and photos. Stand out from the crowd with a durable, flexible business card.

ASAP can help support you on your basic photo ID needs as well as other uses for your ID printer. Please feel free to call (317-488-1030) or email ( and we will support you in your plan.