When we get calls from customers looking for a new ID system, they often try to find the least expensive printer available. While we will always offer the best price available, ID systems should be purchased to meet your ID requirements and not just a price point.
Some basic printers are very robust and will serve you well but oftentimes there is a higher per print cost for the ribbons. If you do not print large volumes, this will not be a problem but if you do print large volume, you need to be careful in understanding the total cost of ownership including both upfront + ongoing costs.

Some high end printers offer great flexibility including:

  • adding encoding
  • dual sided printing
  • lamination

For some customers, this flexibility is important so the ID system can grow along with your needs. These printers often have a higher up front cost to “buy” that flexibility.

Every card printer is different so we recommend reading about the capabilities using the brochures on each website, comparing those facts to each other and, of course, giving us a call so we can help you make the right decision for your organization now and into the future.

Call 317-488-1030 or email us to talk or ask questions so we can help. No one wins if you end up with the wrong printer for your organization, so let’s do it right the first time.