There is a known issue with driver installation if an Elton Printer was previously installed on the machine.


Problem: During the final installation process for USB Fargo printers. The user is instructed to plug in the USB cable to finish the installation. When the usb cable is connected – nothing happens and the only option they have is to click “back” and they can’t complete the driver installation process.


  1. The user needs to go into: c\windows\Inf and look for file, rename this file to usbprint.inf.
  2. Next, reboot the PC then reinstall the driver. Most of the time the INF folder is hidden but the user can view the hidden folder by following these instructions:
  3. From Windows Explorer, go to: Tools / Folder Options
  4. Select the tab “View”
  5. Under “Files and Folders” and “Hidden Files and Folders” click on “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

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