It is official!  The CLIQ technology is now available in Medeco X4 format! Medeco X4 CLIQ is available for immediate order and has launched in these cylinder formats:

  • Mortise 1 1/8” (10 0200)
  • RIM (10 0400)
  • KIK (20 2000)

Medeco X4 CLIQ combines Patented Mechanical Key Control and CLIQ technology, allowing cylinders in the Medeco X4 format to become part of a true Loss and Liability Solution with full audit trail, controlled access and electronic rekeying. There is no hard-wiring or expensive door modification required! Simply install Medeco X4 CLIQ cylinders and use CLIQ Web Manager software to control where and when key access is granted. Medeco X4 CLIQ provides enhanced security and accountability in a retrofit cylinder at a fraction of the cost of traditional electronic access control systems.  (Note: Medeco X4 CLIQ will not be available in SFIC format)