Kraft Heinz and Walmart Use NFC to Tap the Full Potential of IRC Labels

By Dr. Manfred Mueller

The new intelligent IRC is creating more meaningful, frictionless customer connections and is one of the biggest deployments of NFC-based intelligent packaging to-date.

Identiv, NXP Semiconductors, TPG Rewards, and Kraft Heinz have teamed up to create the 2019 IoT Integration Award-winning “Find the KRAFT Golden Singles” reward scratch game, powered by Identiv’s near field communication (NFC)-enabled tag and NXP’s NFC NTAG connected solution.

Identiv’s NFC-enabled tags are embedded into KRAFT Singles 24-count instant redeemable coupon (IRC) labels, which are available only at Walmart. The tags are based on NXP’s state-of-the-art secure authentication NFC NTAG® 213 TagTamper (TT) connected solution.

Identiv’s NFC tag technology is built for creative minds that will revolutionize the connected Internet of Things (IoT). Read the press release to learn more about the Kraft Heinz project.