Reopening the Workplace: Ways We Can Help

by BadgePass

Reopening the Workplace

As our customers work on strategies for reopening the workplace and a return to our “new normal”, we’re here to help however we can. ASAP, along with our partner, BadgePass offer solutions including Photo ID, Visitor Management, Temperature Tracking, Electronic Door Access and more can help organizations like yours to implement measures that help improve safety and security.

Photo ID – We have always recommended that employees wear a visible ID badge at all times, ensuring only those authorized to be in the facility are present. Now, more than ever, Photo IDs are being used to identify employees, temporary workers and volunteers.

Visitor Management – Eliminating paper log books can ensure a secure and accurate registry of all visitors and guests that have accessed your facility. The system is fast and easy to use, allowing for scanning of driver’s licenses and production of temporary visitor IDs upon arrival. We’re combining that with a new, contactless driver’s license scanner that allows visitors to easily check in without ever making contact with the employee operating the visitor check in station.

Access ControlElectronic door access allows organizations to restrict facility access to only authorized personnel. Furthermore, it produces an audit trail of everyone who has used a specific door and when they accessed it. Contactless access readers allow for streamlined cardholder access without reader contact, minimizing the contact risks associated with keypads and biometric readers.

Temperature Check – BadgePass offers an EPIC Track solution was designed for versatile tracking of cardholders and events, but has been extremely useful to facilities looking to verify and track employee and visitor temperatures by scanning IDs as they enter the facility. As we know, elevated temperatures can be an early indicator of COVID-19 and other illnesses; our system will allow for streamlined reporting of all employee temperatures and times they were taken.

Contact Tracing – Combining ID, access control readers and tracking systems can allow for streamlined contact tracing as employees move throughout the building. Reporting tools will be useful as facilities look to see who was working in close proximity to a person that has become infected.

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