Mergers are constantly in the news today. Many companies have large amounts of cash reserves available and ready to use, and they are looking to increase market share. A good way to use those reserves is to purchase other companies, thus mitigating competition or enhancing a product offering by acquisitions of supportive products or services. As the economy improves, the integrated organization is in an excellent position to gain market share by providing a better offering and/or reducing prices.

Mergers can be beneficial in many ways, to both the companies involves and to the end-user. Since they are very commonplace and will continue to be part of the business environment for the foreseeable future, it is important to look at the impact mergers have on security departments – specifically on the electronic security systems.

Merging companies provides serious challenges for the security departments. The merger impacts security personnel, morale, established philosophies, operating procedures, egos and even the existing electronic security systems. The lack of functional goals and minimum standards will allow electronic security systems and personnel to be excessive in some facilities, while being inadequate in other facilities.

Typically, the acquiring company will, to a large extent, drive the direction of the electronic security system philosophy, configuration, scope and manpower.

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