The month of July is almost over, and we all know what that means, the school year is just around the corner!  Schools, colleges and universities soon will be preparing for the new school year.  Part of that preparation includes, issuing student, faculty and staff ID badges.  As you prepare to print those badges, remember badges aren’t just for identification anymore.  ID badges can be used for any of the purposes listed below.


ID badges can be used to enable students to access computers and other appropriate school technology.  They can also be used to control access to specific areas of the school or campus for student use.

Information Management

ID badges can store student information, such as emergency contact information, allergies and medications.  They can track attendance at school events.  The badges can also manage the library book checkout process.


ID badges can be designed to enhance security at your school.  A color-coding system can be incorporated into your badges to easily distinguish between students, faculty and staff.  For example, students could be given cards with green backgrounds, faculty members could receive cards with blue backgrounds and staff members could receive cards with black backgrounds.  You can also create visitor badges that look different from your other badges so they are easily identified.  In addition, you could consider more advanced visual techniques such as overlaminates and holographic foils that are either applied to your cards or embedded into them.


ID badges can allow students to use a pre-paid debit card for food service and vending machine purchases.

If you would like to learn more about how your school can use your current ID cards or how to enhance your cards, please call ASAP at (317) 488-1030.