Introducing Our New Tamper-Proof Labeling Solution for Restaurants

Securely Seal Delivery, Catering, and To-Go Orders

Always leading, and always innovating, we’re proud to announce the addition of a tamper-proof labeling solution to our restaurant POS offering, designed to securely seal delivery, catering, and to-go food and beverage orders.

Labels are Available in 3 Sizes:

      • 3” round labels to seal takeout bags
      • 2” x 4” labels to seal larger bags or to close the mouths of bags
      • 0.75” x 6.5” labels to close drink lids

Each label roll delivers 500 labels and each label can be easily applied by hand.
Designed with security as a priority, the labels provide added post-preparation quality control by delivering visual evidence if a label has been removed or repositioned.

Call us for more information @ 317-488-1030.

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