Access Control with Wristbands

Access control wristbands can be used as an alternative to smart cards. Users benefit from the fact they do not need to worry about carrying or losing a card, and certain wristbands are also waterproof as well as more easily accessible as they don’t need to be taken in and out of wallets or purses. Access control wristbands can be personalized with your organizations branding or other designs. Wristbands can be easily worn by users allowing the user to easily present them to the reader.

Can One Wristband Really Do It All?

Identiv’s 13.56 MHz High Frequency Wristband Proximity Credential is the perfect access control solution for demanding environments. This waterproof credential can manage access at amusement and water parks, summer camps, sport (i.e., student athletics) and fitness centers, and healthcare environments.

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