How Can Institutions Secure the New Normal in Campus Security After COVID-19?

by ASAP Identification Partner, IDENTIV

Few instances have had as much of an impact on school campuses globally as the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the world remains in recovery mode, navigating through the effects of COVID-19 — even as rigorous testing ramps up. While students, staff, and faculty are still primarily engaged in virtual and/or hybrid learning, campus officials have a finite window of time to consider and implement strategic security solutions that establish a new normal to better protect everyone on campus with the use of video surveillance technology and advanced intelligence capabilities.

Campus Security After COVID-19

Campus Security Solutions After COVID-19

The post-COVID-19 “new normal” will forever impact the campus environment and security strategies will largely be centered around several key initiatives including people counting, occupancy controls, temperature screening, contact tracing, and reducing office touch points.

Though many legacy security systems are being re-evaluated to allow for touchless or frictionless access control — a move designed to eliminate the need for employees, visitors, and students to physically touch a surface when using an access control system — there’s a problem: upgrading outdated technologies can be cumbersome and expensive.

Campus Security Solutions

The solution? Identiv provides budget-friendly options for campuses to migrate to integrated access control through end-to-end security and access control solutions that tie into existing infrastructures without major disruptions (meaning your campus will never be left vulnerable).

Video Management Systems

With the use of a video management system (VMS) to collect data and provide it back to students, they can then decide which classes to attend based on their own real-time strengths and class availability. In the shadow of COVID-19, occupancy data from a VMS can trigger a lockdown and not permit new entrants until the occupancy drops below a certain threshold; useful for classrooms that have returned to in-person learning.

3VR VisionPoint

3VR VisionPoint™

The 3VR video management system (VMS) software combines powerful forensic search capabilities and integrated video analytics in a single intuitive interface.
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