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In most workplaces, people naturally collaborate closely and socialize near break areas. As employees return to work, organizations must be prepared to alleviate potential exposure to illnesses by implementing social distancing policies and procedures.

Leveraging extensive knowledge and expertise in workplace safety and security, HID Location Services enables companies to restore productivity and mitigate the risk of resurgence of infectious illnesses in the facility. Real-time intelligence helps modify employee behavior and simplifies social distancing guidelines. In return, organizations receive data insights to deliver safer services and compliance with regulatory return to work guidelines.

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How Physical Distancing Works

Companies define distancing policies using real-time location services (RTLS) or proximity-based location to create zones and alert parameters. With HID Location Services, employees and visitors are issued a BEEKs™ Aware Bluetooth low energy (BLE) credential that provides a digital reminder to adhere to the new distancing guidelines. HID BLE beacons use peer-to-peer capabilities to measure the six foot/two-meter distance of other beacons worn by team members. Alerts and interactions are recorded in HID’s Bluzone™ Cloud for historical analysis.

The BEEKs Aware signals for other beacons to register close interactions and time periods and alert users via sound and LED during a proximity breach. Also, geo-fences can be created around high-traffic areas, like breakrooms, to minimize larger congregations. Using historical data of movement and interactions enables companies to swiftly perform contact tracing analysis and initiate isolation procedures if someone in the facility is symptomatic of illness.

Solution Components

HID’s Bluzone™ Cloud on laptop
BEEKs beacon family
 BluFi™ BLE GatewaysBluzone™ workflow graphic

Location Services

HID Location Services lays the foundation for more IoT services available today using the same ecosystem. Businesses do not need to abandon any investments for long term use. Location Services technologies from HID are used across industries to manage building occupancies, optimize space and track assets. Additionally, in industrial applications, manufacturers can implement remote HID Condition Monitoring to predict failures and monitor the health of equipment using same architecture. Learn more.