By the ASAP Identification Partner, Identiv

Do You Trust the Label on Your Favorite Bottle?

Identiv and Les Bouchages Delage are making spirit bottles more intelligent, allowing consumers to engage, track, and authenticate in the IoT with just a simple tap.

Les Bouchages Delage

Identiv and Les Bouchages Delage are delivering Internet of Things (IoT)-ready solutions for near field communication (NFC)-connected bottles in the wine and spirit industry. Identiv and Les Bouchages Delage originally partnered while collaborating on an intelligent NFC bottle cap for a luxury cognac brand. Now, the two companies are expanding their partnership by equipping a wide variety of Les Bouchages Delage cap designs with Identiv’s NFC technology.

While partnering on the luxury cognac project, Identiv and Les Bouchages Delage incorporated a contactless NFC tag into the cork stopper of all decanters. By tapping their mobile device to the cork, consumers are able to register their purchase and become a member of a private club providing exclusive content, unique experiences, and personalized services. The expanded partnership between the two companies will now apply the same intelligent technology to a greater selection of Les Bouchages Delage bottle caps.

Contact ASAP to learn about all of Identiv’s NFC-enabled solutions features a catalog of transponders compatible with NFC Forum, created for contactless transactions and connecting electronic devices with a simple tap-and-go model.