mobile_access_smartwatchHID® Global have now announced support for SEOS®-enabled student IDs to be integrated with Apple Wallet. Students and staff at different universities will be able to add their IDs to their Apple Wallet, which means they can use their phones and wearables to access buildings on campus, purchase meals and everything that their smart ID card can do. Contactless student IDs are supported on iPhone 6 and above and the iPhone SE. On iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, student IDs may still be used for up to five hours in power reserve mode when the iPhone battery needs to be charged.

Student IDs in Apple Wallet are not only convenient, they also provide an extra level of security as students no longer have to worry about misplacing their physical card. School credential provisioning is protected by two factor authentication.

This new solution will transform students’ experiences just by allowing them to use their mobiles for every application on campus. By doing this HID Global are reducing the risk of identity fraud because students and staff are not worrying where their ID badge is, these days, people tend to carry their phone with them all the time.

For more information check out the article on the HID website,

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