How can you differentiate your self-service kiosk offer to colleges and universities? Integrate a card printer too!

Card printers integrated into self-service kiosks have been growing in popularity in the higher education sector in recent years, having already been adopted by major universities. For example, universities in Berlin, Germany and Bologna, Italy now use self-service kiosks that integrate Evolis card printers. So that you don’t miss this business opportunity, we’ll explore the advantages of integrating card printers in self-service kiosks, for you and your customers.

What are the benefits for universities of integrating a card printer into their self-service kiosks?

Each year, higher education applications represent a significant workload for university staff. Students are often faced with administrative headaches and staff must deal with multiple applications in a short space of time. It is therefore important for institutions to find a more efficient way to organize themselves, to maintain their image and the user experience of their students.

Of these many tasks, the creation and delivery of student cards is among the most important and time consuming. So, how do you edit, print, and deliver the card to students quickly, without tying up university resources? The card printer is an obvious solution, especially when it is integrated into a self-service terminal. Here are some benefits:

  • Improves card office efficiency: the use of self-service kiosks automates the issuing of student’s cards and allows staff to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.
  • Streamlines student flow: the installation of self-service kiosks means that students are not dependent on office opening hours, thus avoiding long queues at the counter.
  • Provides wider availability and instant service to students: the younger generation is technology-oriented and want things on demand. Self-service kiosks are flexible in their installation, which makes it possible to increase their location and availability.
  • Enables additional services, in conjunction with a multi-service student card: this card allows students to benefit from certain resources linked to the media library or to access the institution’s computer equipment or to use an electronic purse for university restaurants or vending machines.

Universities that deploy self-service terminals with card printers can issue student cards but also other types of badges, such as access badges for their staff (teachers, service providers, etc.). As you can see, this is a multi-purpose solution that offers many possibilities and provides satisfaction to both universities and their students.

What are the benefits for kiosk manufacturers and integrators?

The integration of an Evolis printer in your kiosks is a great opportunity to develop your business. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Increase revenue: through your customers’ recurring purchase of ribbons and cards to supply their printer
  • Control your operational costs: with our low-maintenance, high-reliability products
  • Diversify the use cases of your offer: thanks to the diversity of our products and solutions which cover many needs

Which card printing solutions is right for your self-service kiosks?

The emergence of self-service kiosks has led Evolis to design modular solutions that can be integrated directly into these systems and easily adapted to the different constraints of today’s higher education institutions. This is the purpose of our range of card printers dedicated to self-service kiosks. Thanks to this strategic development, we are now one of the few manufacturers of printers specifically dedicated to this use.

We also know that each of your kiosk projects is unique. Our organization allows us to respond to projects that require customized development, thanks to a dedicated project team.

A modular range that covers most of our customer’s needs.

Evolis has designed a range of card printers specifically for self-service kiosks that includes 5 models: The compact KC Essential, KC Prime and KC Max as well as the high-capacity KM500B and KM2000B.

All these modules have been designed to:

  • Facilitate mechanical integration into the kiosk

The models designed by our experts are aesthetically more suitable to adapt to the shape of the kiosk.

  • Optimize security

Each printer is equipped with a retraction system and some models can have an optional anti-insertion system. This limits vandalism or theft.

  • Facilitate remote maintenance operations

By sending notifications on the status of the modules, such as the level of consumables for example.

  • Offer customization options

This range is easily customizable thanks to the available options (insertion mouth, encoders for chips or magnetic stripes, modularity of card inputs/outputs, etc.) and the expertise of our custom project team.



In addition to these common features, the 5 models are distinguished by some specific functionalities.

The KC models are more compact so that they can be integrated more easily into a smaller platform. They offer smaller feeders for up to 400 cards.

The KM models have a larger card capacity. These printers have feeders from 500 card for the KM500B up to 2000 cards for the KM2000B. This is a series that is particularly suitable for higher education institutions with large numbers of students.

To meet the most specific requirements, our dedicated to customized projects team allows us to design solutions for these specifications.

A tailor-made project team for the most specific requirement.

Do your customers have a specific project that cannot be solved by our modular range? Our team can help.

Our tailor-made project solutions are a real strength at Evolis. Our dedicated and responsive team is motivated by the challenge of finding the best solution to meet your customer’s specific needs. Our experts set up an entire development and testing process to complete the final project, with a solution that leaves the customer free to make their own choices about the final use of their product.

Why choose Evolis card printing solutions?

The solutions offered by Evolis have enabled us to become the world leader in decentralized card personalization systems. We export our products to 140 countries world-wide and produce over 60,000 printer per year.

The Evolis teams are experts in their field analyzing each customer’s request with precision to deliver efficient support in each phase of the project. Each team works together to complete successful projects, such as those implemented for the universities of Berlin and Bologna. The education market is a sector in which we know the stakes and how to find the best solutions to ensure that the customer is satisfied.