Mobile Access Solutions

Mobile access is the use of a mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet or wearable) to gain access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and more. Our solutions allow organizations to meet the growing demands of a mobile-first world.

HID Mobile Access® Solutions

With HID Mobile Access, you can use a mobile device as a credential to access doors, networks, services and more. Leveraging Seos® as its underlying credential technology, HID Mobile Access can significantly increase convenience, boost efficiency and maximize security.

Key Benefits of Mobile Access

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Increase Convenience

Access facilities with a mobile device by simply using “Tap” or “Twist & Go” gestures
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Boost Efficiency

Using our online management portal, administrators can create, manage, issue and revoke credentials through the cloud

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Maximize Security

Delivered through a highly secure and reliable cloud platform, the solution is powered by Seos credential technology
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Native Touchless

Keep employees and staff safe through over-the-air provisioning and native touchless functionality


Unlock your Office With iPhone and Apple Watch

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, employees can access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, multifunction printers and much more using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Employee badge in Apple Wallet integrates into existing access control systems, is simple to distribute and manage, and takes advantage of the built-in security features of iPhone and Apple Watch.

Interested in using employee badge in Apple Wallet?
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Easy to Enroll

Set up HID Mobile Access on your mobile device in just a few simple steps. Click or hover over each component for details.

SENDAdministrator uploads end-user information singly or in batches and sends an invitation with activation code for each user.DOWNLOADEnd-user receives invitation and downloads app.ENROLLEnd-user opens the app, scans a QR code and their Mobile ID is securely provisioned through the portal.Go!HID Mobile Access is ready for use.

Our Successful Customers

HID Mobile Access merges security with convenience by enabling mobile devices to unlock doors and more. Watch our case study videos to learn more from our customers regarding how they deploy Mobile Access and how the solution has helped them create values within their organizations.