SMART-70 consists of 6 different modules (Input Hopper, Printer, Hybrid Flipper, Laminator, Output Hopper, Laser Engraver) that can be configured in various combinations according to different customer requirements. Required modules can be easily added to extend functions depending on your needs.

The innovative IDP IPLS Smart-70 Single-Sided ID Card Printer with Lamination was designed for customized, high-capacity ID card production with a large 500-card input hopper and a 100-card exit box. Its state-of-the-art modular design allows your printing process to evolve as your business grows. You can easily add a flipper as well as various encoders like magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless smart card for an added layer of security. With the IDP IPLS Smart-70’s lamination module, you can more effectively protect your cards from forgery, tampering, and physical wear. It adds a protective layer of visual security to your cards which makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate.

    • Intuitive user-friendly interface
    • Unparalleled edge-to-edge printing
    • Industry-leading Warranty Protection
      • 3-Year Advanced Exchange Coverage 
      • 2-Year Unlimited Prints/Passes Printhead Warranty
    • Dependable high-speed printing
    • Added durability and protection with lamination
    • Integrated security
    • Built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity
    • Flexible and adaptable modular design
      • Single sided Printing
      • Single sided Printing & Laminating
      • Dual sided Printing, Encoding
      • Dual sided Printing, Encoding & Laminating
      • Single sided Multi-Printing / Dual sided Multi-Printing, Laminating & Encoding
      • Standalone Laminating
      • Dual Sided Laser Engraving & Printing