The Tactile Impression Module

Entrust CR805™ Retransfer Card Printer With Inline Lamination Module Archives - ForceID

The tactile impression module (TIM) can be added to a CR805 retransfer card printer. It allows you to place an impression on the front or back of the card. The impresser uses an installed die to stamp an impression on the card, and can use an installed foil that is fused into the impression. The tactile impresser uses heat to create the impression, and to fuse the foil to the card.

New for Entrust DS2 – Printhead Protector

How to Clean the Printhead with an Entrust Sigma DS1 or DS2

Innovative patented printhead protector feature shields the printhead during ribbon replacement or printer servicing, which helps to extend the printhead life. Enables you to easily fix the issue at hand without having to worry about damaging the printhead.