DESFire EV3 is the latest addition to the MIFARE® DESFire® family of smart card chipsets from NXP. Three card profiles are available from HID to enable full custom implementations, offer backwards compatibility with DESFire EV1 systems or deploy DESFire EV3 in high security mode by leveraging random UID, relay protection and Secure Identity Object data model encoding

Secure credentials are a critical component of a modern physical access control program. Not only do new credential technologies, including DESFire EV3, offer a higher level of protection against threats like spoofing and hacking, they also deliver support for a range of applications beyond physical access control.

HID Global’s DESFire solutions offer an array of benefits, such as:

  • Implementation of the highest standards in security and privacy features that the DESFire toolbox has to offer
  • Interoperability with existing DESFire installations
  • Support for an ecosystem of applications and use cases beyond physical security

Choose the right MIFARE DESFire credential for your needs.

A powerful multi-purpose credential that leverages the latest security techniques to secure personal data
A powerful multi-purpose credential capable of enabling a smooth migration from legacy low frequency cards