Who doesn’t love the concept of the Terminator sequels?! An all-powerful machine that looks human follows John Conner, the eventual leader of the human resistance, everywhere in order to protect him from certain death at the hands of other machines sent by Skynet to destroy him. Of course, I am going to ignore the whole premise of the original movie where the Terminator was sent back in time to actually destroy Conner, but who knew Arnold would become so popular?

We would all love to have someone, or something, around to protect us. Unfortunately, we can’t all have our very own Terminators. However, we can take steps to protect our card printing programs.

There are ID Printers such as the Fargo DTC4500 and the Zebra ZXP Series 8 that can be password protected. As a result, a security code must be entered before someone can use the printer. Other ID printers, such as the Datacard SP75 and the Zebra ZXP Series 3, can be secured to a workstation through the use of a Kensington lock.

ID Printers even have options to keep your card supplies safe. ID Printers can have locking input and output hoppers. This helps prevent theft, particularly of really expensive cards such as proximity or smart cards.

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