When I was a kid I loved watching Mission Impossible. I dreamed of being a secret agent saving the world while using really cool gadgets the whole time. Of course, the theme song for the show was pretty awesome too. But, the best part was the start of each show. Peter Graves received a message about the next mission while riding on a plane, train or car. Okay, I know I just lost some of you with the Peter Graves reference. Here’s the thing, Mission Impossible was actually a tv show before it became a movie. However, if you prefer, you can substitute Tom Cruise for Peter Graves. Anyway, Peter (or Tom) read the document outlining the next mission, and then it would self-destruct as plumes of smoke went into the air. Awesome.

So what does Mission Impossible have to do with a visitor badge? We now have visitor badges that self-destruct! Okay, we don’t really. However, we do have some visitor badges that do change once they are no longer valid.

Expiring badges are a great, cost effective option to keep track of visitors. They come in the form of stickers, pre-printed badges and even printable badges. Each one has a front side which is printable/writable and a backside. When the two are combined and given to a visitor at your facility, the badge will slowly begin to expire as the front side disappears and the design on the backside shows through. Once you see the backside, you know that visitor doesn’t have the right to be in the building anymore. The badges are available for ½ days, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month periods.

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