By Dr. Manfred Mueller

If you’ve been searching for a portfolio of high-performance RFID UHF tags — from a company that is truly customer-focused — you’ve come to the right place.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) ultra high frequency (UHF) transponders are passive tags that pack a big punch. The technology uses the radio wave frequency spectrum, allowing for long reading distances (several meters or several dozen feet!). The read distance depends on the size of the tags and the operating power transmitted by the UHF reader.

Identiv’s catalog features a complete collection of form factors (and plenty of dimensions), including dry or wet inlays and adhesive backing, that target different environments, like plastic, wood, glass, and human or animal bodies. Each tag is specifically tuned for demanding applications, and we excel in designing custom tags.

Most of our UHF tags are passive (i.e., battery-less) and utilize the major UHF chips available on the market today. We’re also focused on semi-passive devices for intelligent tags equipped with sensors.

But what makes us different from the competition?

  • Customer focus — Quite simply, it’s easy to do business with us. We can work with projects of ANY size and we’re happy to do so. Our designs are unique (and always customizable). We’re responsive and we’re here to help.
  • Low minimum order quantity — We keep it convenient for you with a minimum of 20,000 units for standard high frequency (HF)/UHF inlays/labels or 2,000 for more advanced RFID inlays with sensors.
  • Flexibility — From one sample unit to test and pilot production to extra-large batches, we’ve got you covered, including designing and tuning HF/UHF antennas required to operate with exposure to a variety of elements, like metal, wood, plastic, water, humidity, heat, and pressure.

Our UHF designs leverage our extensive expertise in RFID technology. In fact, our transponders are designed to outperform any existing solution available on the market today.

We also offer dual-frequency tags (UHF+HF) for a variety of applications, including near field communication (NFC) with HF interface.

Here are our top real-world UHF applications:

  1. Supply chain and inventory management (i.e., tires, agricultural, etc.)
  2. Asset and personnel tracking (i.e., pallets, containers, runners, electronic devices, employees, etc.)
  3. Logistics
  4. Industrial and manufacturing
  5. Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
  6. Consumable authentication using TID as serial number
  7. Real-time location systems (RTLS) using 3D orientation insensitive design
  8. Gate and perimeter access control
  9. Pharmaceutical and healthcare (i.e., medical warehouse tracking, hands-free environments, emergency personnel, etc.)
  10. Entertainment and travel (i.e., baggage tagging, traveler identification on cruise lines, etc.)
  11. Internet of Things (IoT) enablement
  12. Apparel and retail
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