In 1994 NXP (formerly Mikron) launched the first MIFARE® card range. The MIFARE® family today is a well-known global brand across contactless card products, which operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. MIFARE® is a contactless IC (integrated-circuit), more commonly referred to as a chip, that is embedded in many credentials such as; cards, fobs, stickers, wristbands and many other items. .


There are two products that make up the DESFire range. MIFARE DESFire EV1 and MIFARE DESFire EV2, which is the latest generation chip. Both of these contactless products are designed with system operators and solution developers in mind, which allows them to build interoperable and scalable contactless solutions. It fulfills requirements for fast and highly secure data transmission and targets multi-application solutions in identity, access control, loyalty and micro-payment applications. So why are they called ‘DESFire’? ‘DES’ indicates the high level of security using 3DES or AES hardware for the privacy and reliable protection of transmission data. Whereas, ‘Fire’ indicates its outstanding position as a fast, innovative, reliable and secure product.

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This latest evolution of DESFire offers high-quality security, privacy and enhanced multi-application support, along with improvements to performance for providing a better user experience. The DESFire EV2 IC has EAL5+ certified security, meaning it carries the same security certification level as chips that are used for banking cards or electronic passports. Furthermore, it fulfills requirements for fast and highly secure data transmission, therefore, it is the ideal product for organizations who want an easy, convenient and secure solution to a wide variety of different applications. Even better, the DESFire EV2 contactless IC increases flexibility and is also available on NXP’s SmartMX secure platform. This means it can be used in a variety of ways. For example, for contactless bank cards and secure elements for the use with NFC enabled mobile devices providing unrivaled end-user experience in mobile ticketing.

When compared to the EV1, the MIFARE® DESFire EV2 chip can hold as many applications as the memory size can support and new applications can be loaded on to the card even if it has already been issued to the user. A purse can even be shared across applications, enabling even greater interoperability.

If you really want a convenient touch-and-go experience, then EV2 also offers an increased operating distance when compared to previous variations. In addition, the 70pF option enables read range optimization of small form factor antennas, such as those used in key fobs. DESFire EV2 permits businesses to deliver the perfect balance of speed, performance and cost efficiency. Its open concept allows for seamless integration with other media such as smart ticketing, key fobs and mobile ticketing which is based on NFC technology. DESFire EV2 permits organizations to deliver the perfect balance of speed, performance and cost efficiency.

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