Today we’re excited to announce the public preview of WorkforceID, HID Global’s new identity management cloud service. It provides an ever-expanding set of cyber and physical identity access management applications, which help your organization address its continually evolving workforce and visitor security, compliance, and business challenges.

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For Your Entire Workforce, and Visitors Too

For many of us, the workplace is more than just one office, building, or facility. Some employees spend their entire workday on the go, out in the field, or on the road. Regardless, there’s one common thing we all need: an identity and an identity-based credential to gain access to our workplace.

WorkforceID addresses many security challenges across a broad set of vertical markets — from airports looking to reduce their security auditing times, to a bank that needs to manage visitors and monitor their location in real-time, to hospitals looking to reduce infection rates by managing visitors and enforcing strict patient visitation policies.

People need access to their workplaces around the world, and WorkforceID’s mission is to ensure every organization has the tools to enable simple, safe and appropriate workplace access for everyone.

WorkforceID digitally transforms how you manage both cyber and physical access identities and credentials for your workplace, big or small.

Based on the enterprise-grade HID SAFE™ physical identity access and visitor management software, and experience with the 250+ organizations around the world already using it, WorkforceID takes the best of HID SAFE and makes it better. Thanks to an entirely new cloud service/platform with ISO27001 certification, physical identity and access management is easier than ever.

The Best of HID SAFE, Plus New Features

WorkforceID Visitor DashboardHID SAFE defined the physical identity and access management (PIAM) market. And, now we’ve taken the best of HID SAFE and put that into WorkforceID — including the ability to seamlessly and simply create and issue access control credentials, monitor and report on the safety and security of the workplace using analytics and reporting, and deliver a delightful visitor experience.

We’ve also built unique, WorkforceID-only capabilities and flexibility that will benefit a broader range of organizations. We’ve unbundled tools such as credential manager and visitor manager, affording users the flexibility to choose what’s relevant for them. Additionally, dashboards allow you to easily see at a glance how physical identity management and credential issuance services are performing.

The first two WorkforceID applications available for public preview today are:

WorkforceID Credential Manager and ID Badge Issuance

WorkforceID credentials screenAutomate badging workflows by combining cloud-based badge printing services so that you can badge your entire workforce quickly and compliantly wherever they are.

With Credential Manager and ID Badge Issuance, it’s easy to:

  • Automate and simplify the issuance process for all identities. No more slow, manual processes.
  • Know exactly how many credentials are active, for whom, what, why, and how long — at all times.
  • Prevent “zombie badges” from creating vulnerabilities in your security with automated credential revocation.

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WorkforceID Visitor Manager

WorkforceID Visitor Manager Welcome screen on tabletThe front-desk is where your visitor experience starts — make it a great first impression with a simple and yet effective sign-in process. WorkforceID’s enterprise-grade visitor management streamlines sign-in while keeping your workplace secure.

With WorkforceID Visitor Manager, it’s easy to:

  • Deliver high-quality visitor experiences and minimize wait times by allowing visitors to check-in at a self-service kiosk.
  • Customize the visitor experience to your security needs; keep check-in short and simple or require multiple security checks.
  • Automate compliance as it relates to visitor access rules and policy-based registration.