Leveraging A Single Trusted ID for a More Connected Experience in Modern Workplaces

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Today’s work places are built upon a web of disparate systems—physical access to doors and locks, access to IT and printer networks, meeting room management, food and beverage vending—that employees, visitors and vendors continually interact with, experiencing varying degrees of satisfaction. But when these systems are made identity aware to tap into a common understanding of who you are and what benefits you can be granted using a trusted identity, the experience is elevated. In this genuinely connected environment, an employer would be able to verify the identity of an employee or a contractor via a trusted ID in the form of a smart card/ID badge or a mobile ID carried on the end user’s smartphone or wearable device.

To truly bridge the gap between these disparate systems with trusted IDs, a natural first step organizations often take is to extend the use of their access control/employee ID badge for authentication to their business systems.

Enter HID’s OMNIKEY® 5027 Desktop Reader

HID’s new OMNIKEY 5027 high frequency contactless reader simplifies using trusted IDs for new applications like secure access to computer, network and cloud applications. Due to its keyboard wedge functionality, the reader can be easily integrated into access control systems by making it easy to retrieve user data from existing ID badges that support high-frequency (HF) RFID technology (which is estimated by analyst firm IHS Markit to have more than 55% market share among access control credentials shipped worldwide).  User data from these credentials can be directly input into applications for secure access to PCs and networks to transform employee badges into a multi-purpose access card for both physical access and authentication to other business systems.

Combining physical access and secure PC login on a single trusted ID using the OMNIKEY 5027 is just the beginning of realizing a truly connected environment.  There are numerous applications that can be easily consolidated to a single ID utilizing the OMNIKEY solutions.  These include:

  • Time & Attendance that enables employees to record entry time and exit time through an integrated time and attendance (workforce management) system.
  • Access to Hot Desks and Smart Lockers, providing employees the freedom to perform daily tasks and collaborate with colleagues anywhere—without sacrificing the benefits of an individualized workstation.
  • Secure Print Capabilities that allows printing only when the user presents a properly authenticated credential, and fulfill most regulatory compliance directives.
  • Cashless Cafeteria & Vending, eliminating the need for cash or easily-misplaced credit cards.

These applications are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating more seamless and connected experiences for end users using a single trusted identity. Learn more about how HID’s OMNIKEY reader solutions can make this happen.