Connect to your digital world in a single authentication

Digitally empowered with wearable identity.
The Nymi Band is a biometric wearable purpose-built for the workplace. It combines the best innovations in security, privacy, and user experience.


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How it Works
One-time Enrollment

Wear your Nymi Band and follow instructions in the enrollment application to securely load your identity onto the band. 

Daily Authentication


At the start of your work day, wear your Nymi Band and activate with your fingerprint.

Continuous All-Day Use

Use your Nymi Band across all your integrated apps in passwordless, contactless, and handsfree workflows.

It’s like having digital superpowers on your wrist.

The All-In-One Workplace Wearable
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Passwordless and Private

Our innovative design utilizes the security of biometrics in a Privacy by Design framework

The Nymi Band is activated through fingerprint authentication verified against a mathematical template created at enrollment. Biometric images are never stored and templates are secured locally in the band to remain in your possession at all times.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

One-step MFA for ultimate security and convenience

We paved the way for including biometric wearables in FIDO2 standards by creating and proving an innovative way to deliver something you have plus something you are in one step. 


Contactless Workflows

Secure NFC/Secure BLE power presence-aware connectivity

Employees enjoy contactless workflows through intent-based actions that are intuitive and easy. For added safety, pair with use under Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Zero Trust Security


Continuous authentication through On-Body Detection

The Nymi Band remains authenticated for as long as you wear it. On-Body Detection sensors provide continuous authentication that the person wearing a Nymi Band is the intended user.

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Privacy by Design


User privacy is a design requirement

From how we process biometric data, utilize cryptography, to compliance with GDPR law, our solution and company vision are founded on the belief that privacy is a prerequisite to building technology.


Durable and Lab-Cleanable

Purpose-built for even the most highly regulated environments

The Nymi Band can go where the job takes you and deliver security, compliance, data integrity, and productivity. IP66 and IP67 Ingress Ratings, polycarbonate TPU straps, and a 3+ day battery make it an industrial-strength wearable.

Technical Specifications
  • OLED monochrome display (48 x 64 px)

  • Haptic feedback

  • Biometric sensors: Fingerpint, ECG

  • Secure Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2)

  • Secure Near-Field Communication (NFC)

  • Secure Credentials: FIDO2, FIDO (U2F), PIV, Nymi PKI, HID Seos

  • Compliance: FCC (USA), CE (Europe), IC (Canada), MIC (Japan), CMIIT (China), IMDA (Singapore)

  • IP66 & IP67 Ingress Ratings

  • Operational within 0° to 45°C

  • 3+ day battery life*

Depth: 11mm      Width: 19mm
Weight: 25g      Length: 50mm