IDP is pleased to announce advanced network security on all of its new SMART-31 and SMART-51 Ethernet Printers. IDP’s new network adapters support SNMPv3 Security. What is SNMPv3?

Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3) provides a layer of security for device management communication, including cryptographic authentication and data confidentiality (encryption). SNMPv1/v2 transmits all data on the network, including data that might be sensitive, in plain text. This means that tools such as network sniffers might be used to monitor the SNMPv1/v2 transmissions, such as Get and Set SNMP Community Names.

SNMPv3 adds data encryption, which reduces the risk of data being sniffed from the network.  In environments with elevated security risks, SNMPv3 should be given serious consideration over the less secure Get and Set items. SNMPv3 credentials make sniffing data very difficult, which adds security to device management communication.





IDP is pleased announce that the SMART-31 Series ID Printers are now the fastest printer in class!  Faster printing equals happy staffers. Upgrade your current SMART-31 to the latest firmware (found here) and see the benefits!

Quality and reliability are our bed stone, that’s why customers in the US Government, state and local governments, and thousands of organizations have chosen IDP since 2005.