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Evolis launches its most complete range of printers for instant self service printing of customized cards

Angers (France), November 12th, 2015 – Evolis, the worldwide leader in personalization and printing solutions for plastic cards, is extending its range of printers designed especially for self-service card printing, with the launch of 4 new models.

These customization systems are ideal for integration into a terminal, either kiosk or as automated devices. With new features, they are particularly compact and robust, while offering greater flexibility and autonomy for instant card printing. Evolis can now offer the widest range of self-service card printing options on the market.

Self-service card printing

Instant card printing from free-standing terminals allows companies, banks, shops and even universities to improve the quality of service offered to their customers or students with immediate card printing and reduced waiting times. These printers are particularly suitable for issuing payment cards, membership cards, student cards, loyalty cards, ID badges or even gift cards.
The new Evolis range aims to meet all requirements for the self-service personalization of single plastic cards with solutions customized to meet client specifications. Evolis card printing modules have a range of encoding options (magnetic stripe, smartcard and contactless smartcard), which can be combined; from a simple print to complex graphic customization of secure cards.

A complete range for multiple requirements

The range includes 4 printers (KC200, KC200B, KM500B, and KM2000B) divided into 2 different print modules. The choice of module is determined by the way it will be used. The criteria to be taken into account are:

  • The space available at the kiosk terminal to determine the size of printer to be used,
  • The quantity of cards to be printed and the number of different designs of pre-printed cards,
  • The maintenance cycle in order to select sufficient capacity for feeders and consumables.

All 4 models are designed to adapt to all kinds of kiosks. They offer many advantages, such as double-sided and edge-to-edge printing, a wide range of encoding options, the capacity to reject faulty cards, and to recycle cards not collected by their users.

All of these modules include Evolis Premium Suite® to facilitate the management of printer parameters, as well as the new Evolis Premium SDK (Software Development Kit) to optimize the integration of the printer into IT systems.

The KC200 and KC200B were designed for easy integration into free-standing terminals. Each one has a 200-card feeder. Manual insertion is also available for the KC200B module, which is fitted with a bezel. The KM500B and KM2000B printers are distinguished by their high feeder capacity, with 500 and 2,000 cards respectively. Their use, therefore, means limited maintenance of the terminal and avoids frequent reloading of cards and ribbons.

Franck Gauthier – T: +33 (0)2 41 36 79 24 – fgauthier@evolis.com

Evolis Primacy DRIVER/FIRMWARE updates

To keep your printer running smoothly, ensure the driver and firmware are current.

Download the latest driver and firmware to your desktop (DOWNLOAD)

Driver update:

Install the card printer to the latest driver (requires ADMIN rights)

  1. Find and run the driver you downloaded
  2. Follow the PROMPTS
  3. Once setup finished click the Finish button

Firmware update:

Updating the card printer to the latest firmware

  2. Double click your printer
  3. Expand the Maintenance menu
  4. Click Firmware update
  5. Click Launch the update wizard
  6. Follow the steps all the way until finished




Evolis Primacy Updates

The best printer just got better

With more than 50 000 units sold and more than 500 million cards printed in 3 years, Primacy quickly became the benchmark for printing quality and modularity. Today, Evolis goes further and introduces new features which make the Primacy even more powerful and more flexible, to further enhance customer experience and provide extra security.


Available in July, 2015:

Specific model with an open output hopper for unattended counter operations such as event or loyalty management.

Low-card sensor to let you know when your feeder is almost empty.

A UHF encoding option ideal for long-range access control, transportation or vehicle identification applications.

Extended memory size & printing resolutions for a sharper definition of images and texts.

New update verification wizard to allow the user to quickly verify if a driver of firmware update is available and to install it in a few clicks.

Brand-new SDK, available free of charge, to facilitate and speed up the integration of the Primacy into IT systems, allowing remote supervision of the printer.

More to come in Q4 2015:

Optional LCD display to allow the user to interact directly with the printer, without having to be in front of the computer.

Increased monochrome printing speed to maximize throughput.

New electronic locking system to increase the level of security of the printer.

Primacy – How to clean

Cleaning your Evolis Primacy printer is important to ensure your warranty remains valid.  Here are the key steps PLUS a video on how-to:

  1. Open the top printer lid and remove the ribbon.
  2. Close the printer lid and open the input hopper.  Remove any ID cards.
  3. Change the card thickness GAUGE to “MAX” and place cleaning card in input hopper.
  4. From PC, go to “Evolis Print Center”.
  5. Select Evolis Primacy and click on “Cleaning”.
  6. Select “Proceed with cleaning” and follow prompts.
  7. When complete, remove cleaning card and return ribbon, blank IDs (return GAUGE to the correct thickness) and close the printer lid.
  8. Now your printer should be ready to print.

Evolis to bundle card printers with CardPresso versatile card design software

VISUEL CARDPRESSO COUV v5Angers, March 11th 2014 – Evolis, the European leader in solutions for plastic card personalization, announces the integration of the cardPresso software solutions within the Evolis offering. cardPresso is a world-class vendor of card design software solutions, with a key focus on innovation. This move aims at expanding the functional scope of the Evolis product offering.

A worldwide renowned software suite and the ideal addition to the Evolis printers
cardPresso is an expert in advanced software solutions dedicated to card personalization. The cardPresso software is proven to be versatile and easy-to-use, offering advanced graphic features to design, print and encode badges.

With cardPresso now part of the Evolis offering, we set the focus on enhancing software expertise and skills and delivering an end-to-end solution that combines a printer and its companion design software”, said Christophe Peraudeau, Evolis Product Marketing Manager. “cardPresso is a leading solution that brings additional value to our range of printers, as well as increased business opportunities to both Evolis and its network of partners.

From April 2014 onwards, the basic edition of cardPresso will be shipped with the Zenius and Primacy printers, Evolis’ blockbuster printers that stand as the ultimate choice in many international requests for proposals. Quantum, the semi-industrial printer from Evolis will also be bundled with cardPresso. Available in 6 different editions and 18 languages, cardPresso manages card personalization by the unit or in runs, leveraging an internal database, the import of data files in various formats (txt, xls, xlxs and csv) and ODBC links. QR codes and barcodes can be printed while smart card and RFID encoding is fully supported. cardPresso supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

Source: http://www.evolis.com/press-release/evolis-bundle-card-printers-cardpresso

QR Codes: the high-tech, low-cost Smart ID Card solution

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 1.24.46 PM copyConfirming someone’s identity before giving them access to facilities or work sites is crucial for your security. In the past, most organizations used passive photo ID cards to prove identity. Now a days, Smart ID Cards are being used within organizations to improve security and reduce the risk of fraud. These new systems can be expensive and cumbersome to maintain.

Enter the Quick Response Code. This QR code is a 2 dimensional black and white barcode that provides a high-tech but low-cost method of meeting security requirements. They are quite popular due to the fast readability and data storage capacity as compared to standard UPC barcodes. They are not only used for store displays and websites but are also printed on business cards and IDs.

These little codes store promotions, Internet links as well as personal contact information and numbers to be used for everything from promotional and branding efforts to more traditional ID security on photo IDs. Both Jolly ID Flow and Evolis eMedia have the ability to support QR codes. Use these codes for time and attendance, contact information and marketing material.

To learn more, call on ASAP Identification Security, Inc. 317-488-1030 or info@asapident.com.

Evolis Tattoo 2 – Warranty Trouble Shooting Guide

Minimal trouble shooting is required to obtain a Warranty Repair RMA

Card Feed Issues

  1. Run a self test to check functionality of the printer
  2. Update the printer firmware and driver
  3. Run a cleaning cycle
  4. Check for static build up on cards
  5. Ensure you are using the correct power supply
  6. Check card feeder for damage

Ribbon Breaking

  1. Ensure the correct ribbon type is set in the driver
  2. Run a cleaning cycle
  3. Run a self test to check functionality of the printer
  4. Update the printer firmware and driver
  5. Run a self adjustment
  6. Make offset adjustments by using commands
  7. Try different card stock

Card Jams

  1. Run a cleaning cycle
  2. Run a self test to check functionality of the printer
  3. Update the printer firmware and driver
  4. Run a self adjustment
  5. Try different card stock

Won’t Communicate

  1. Ensure that your printer is turned on and plugged into your computer
  2. Check to make sure the USB port on the printer is not loose or broken
  3. Try a different USB cable
  4. Try a different USB port
  5. Make sure that there is not a print job stuck in the print queue
  6. Try a different computer
  7. Verify that you are using the correct power supply

Mag Encoding Issues

  1. Ensure the cards are in the correct orientation
  2. Update the printer firmware and driver
  3. Ensure the correct coercivity is selected in the driver
  4. Test the mag encoder thru the driver

No Tools Required – Changing the Print Head on the Evolis Primacy

Evolis’ unique design enables you to replace your print head – no tools required.

A printer’s print head determines print quality and is a highly sensitive component, therefore regular maintenance and a dust-free environment is essential to ensure a long productive life.

In the video posted below, TransTech Systems, Inc. shows you how to change the print head on the Evolis Primacy printer.

How to Clean your Evolis Primacy Printer

You will need your cleaning kit (Regular #ACL001 or Advance #ACL002) and about 5 minutes, start to finish.

Please clean your printer regularly to keep your warranty valid.

Regular Cleaning:

  1. Start Evolis Print Center
  3. Follow wizard prompts.
  4. Don’t forget to return the card thickness gauge back to the correct setting from MAX.

Advance Cleaning:

  1. Start Evolis Print Center
  3. Follow wizard prompts.
  4. Don’t forget to return the card thickness gauge back to the correct setting from MAX.

ASAP Identification sells cleaning kits for all ID card printers. We also offer a Printer Service for either routine maintenance or repairs. Call 317-488-1030 or email us for pricing.

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Primacy: The New Evolis Card Printer

Evolis’ latest printer, the Evolis Primacy, offers great printing quality, feature-full design, low cost of ownership at an affordable price.

The Primacy is one of the most powerful solutions on the market. It has a flexible configuration model, available in single or dual-sided printing as well as field upgradeable to dual-sided along with many encoding options. The Primacy also offers high-quality prints at a fast output rate (210 single-sided cards/hour and up to 140 dual-sided cards/hour) and a low per print price. The Primacy has a small footprint for easy placement in your office as well as very quite printing.

To learn more about Primacy call us at 317-488-1030 or send us an email.

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