BIOMETRIC READERS: Multi-factor Solutions for Enterprise Environments

As the demand for multi-factor authentication solutions increases in enterprise environments, more companies seek programs that incorporate biometrics as one of the security components. ASAP Identification and our partners can help with both multi-factor authentication solutions and desktop biometric readers, with a deep understanding of these two technologies interplay with one another. Here are a few of the emerging brands:

HID LumidigmHID-Lumidigm

The Lumidigm brand is one of the most powerful biometric readers on the market. With the ability to capture subdermal images and monitor blood flow through the fingerprint image, the Lumidigm brand ensures the most reliable live capture image possible.


secugen-hamster-iv-fips-201-usb-fingerprint-scannerSecuGen is one of the most trusted and cost-effective biometric reader brands available today. The DoD, DHS, NASA, as well as many other federal agencies have discovered that the SecuGen reader is a great option for capturing fingerprint images for a wide range of security applications. SecuGen is also a great option for integration projects, where a biometric sensor is required as a hardware component of another application. Examples include door access readers or a vending machine.

Identos TactivoTactivio_finger_swiping

The Identos Tactivo reader for iPhone and iPad still lead the mobile smart card reader industry used by the Federal Government today. However, the average government employee is not using the built in Tactivo fingerprint sensor for these units. Did you know you can program the Tactivo to use fingerprint as a second factor authentication method for enterprise security logon?


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