SEOS is best described as an open standard platform or ecosystem for issuing, delivering, and managing digital keys located on your smart phone (iOS and Android) that allow for access to a full range of access control environments. SEOS can utilize both NFC and Bluetooth LE communication to provide smart phones the capability to act just like a key or building access card. SEOS can really be considered a digital key for daily access. From homes to hotels, offices, hospitals, universities and commercial buildings, the possibilities for utilizing HID SEOS enabled solutions are endless.

For example, Hotel guests will also be able to check in and out with their mobile phones and receive digital hotel room keys before arriving at the hotel. In offices and commercial buildings, SEOS can be used to manage access to rooms and cabinets centrally. Security staff will be able to send temporary digital keys to visitors and service staff wirelessly without having to manage physical keys and access cards.

The SEOS digital keys will also work with HID Global’s iClass SE access control platform, allowing both SEOS and iClass SE locks to be opened and locked with either an NFC phone or an iClass SEOS contactless card. Wider support is also offered via the new addition to iClass SE of support for the newly created Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard.

The SEOS ecosystem works by utilizing a secure key-delivery mechanism, trusted service manager, applications for mobile phones, lock and reader support, and SDKs for OEMs and developers.

To truly get a full understanding of the capabilities and power of HID SEOS watch this video: